Why do many of us have difficulty making the time to be creative?

I know that I, too,  like the personal examples Deborah mentioned in her June 2nd Post,  sometimes put off doing something creative.   I’ll say to myself  “I just don’t have the time.”  And yet, I know that I  ALWAYS ENJOY  the creative activity   that I engage in.   For me being creative almost feels like ordering a second dessert at a fine restaurant. And I am a health nut who rarely orders even a first dessert!!  So for me it feels like I’m sneaking into my already overcrowded to do list a  very special treat.  I wonder if other people feel like I do.  I often feel like I have to first do the necessary tasks of daily living like we all do – getting the dishes done, the bills,  stuff like that – the boring stuff. And yet what I finally realized was that I’ll never really have the time to  do something creative. I have to decide to COMMIT  to myself that I deserve to be creative and therefore it makes it easier to set aside the time. It is really like  making an appointment with the doctor. We all know that we have to go to the doctor even if we don’t  want to or have very busy schedules.

In his book, Happier, Learn the Secrets Of Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment, by Tal Ben-Shahar   that Deborah and I both read , he talks about the importance of  setting up rituals.  All he means is assigning a task in your calendar to a specific day and time.  It really is an appointment with yourself.  It will probably be alot more fun that a trip to the dentist!!


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