About Procrastination and Being Creative

Posted by Leslie Zeigler

Tonight  I was talking to my older sister  Gail .  a special education teacher who lives in Charleston, South Carolina ,   about her creative projects.   I  know that she has a passion for writing children’s books,  yet has been having significant difficulty sustaining any continuity in actually getting a book written  and then hopefully published.

So I asked her why does she procrastinate ?    She replied,  ” I think it is because I secretly feel in my own mind that I am not any good and so why should I even start. ”  She added, “when you have other people , like Deborah spoke about in her Post, The People Blocks, that  laugh at you it confirms what  you feel about yourself.”  “I’m no good.  I  would rather do nothing than make a fool of myself.”

Her responses certainly upset  and frustrate me because I feel sad to think that she is holding herself  back because of negative internal messages.   So I asked her if she would be willing to let me work with her weekly, in telephone calls,   to begin to help her overcome this block.  She is receptive and I will  continue to report on this blog the process that we engage in  together  to hopefully help her complete  at least one of her  children’s book ideas.  And hopefully be able to sustain  in an ongoing way her creative interests.

Perhaps others who read this blog can either relate to a problem with procrastination even though the reason may be different than  the one my sister Gail has described.   Please feel free to leave comments and let us know  what stops you and whether you have found a way to move forward.


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