Being in process of Overcoming Procrastination

Posted by Leslie Zeigler

In this blog I have been writing about the issue of procrastination and the creative process and, more specifically, about Deborah and me helping my sister Gail in overcoming her blocks to moving forward on getting a children’s book written and published.   As stated in my earlier posts, Gail is PRIMARILY  stopped by her own internal negative messages.  In light of that, I am trying to help her to take positive actions on her own behalf in spite of her usual style of being stopped by them.  

 I am not working with  her as a therapist, but as a coach, so the focus is on helping her to engage in new behavior.  My hope is that if she can perform the actions needed to further her creative goals, the inner negative voices might slowly quiet down,  and her confidence in herself  will increase.  So her assignment for this week was to commit to sending out  the children’s book idea she wants to currently market to one publisher.  She was willing to agree to that. 

Deborah is also helping her,  as we described in earlier posts.  Gail is responding in a very positive way to the support, encouragement and suggestions given to her by us both.  Her process and hopefully progress will continue to be posted here.


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