How to quiet the inner voice of fear

Posted by Leslie Zeigler

Becoming creative is not always easy.  It is rare to find someone who does not have an inner critic waiting to pounce.

Or a deeply held negative belief  saying you just are not going to make it – so why be a fool and try? It is precisely this kind of a belief  that has dramatically held back my sister Gail.   She has been thinking for a long time about writing a particular children’s book.  The operative word is THINKING.  With a little support from friends, coaches, and/or family members, you,  too,  can move off of the fence and start moving forward.   Gail has been able to go from THINKING  to actually registering to participate in a children’s writer conference   being held in November 2009 at the 92ndStreet Y.   In spite of her considerable fear and anxiety,  she has not only sent in her registration form but has also written and sent in one page of a children’s book idea that she has been wanting to write for a very long time.

In my experience, people often harbor the myth that they have to completely get rid of the fearful inner message before they can take any creative risks.   However, that is not really necessary or realistic.  The first step is to become aware of the negative message and just accept that, for the time being, it is there. The challenge is to move forward by taking very small steps in spite of the fear.


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