Think Big Start Small

Posted by Leslie Zeigler

Over the Labor Day weekend,  while reading the Oprah Magazine, I came across a brief article written by Oprah herself, entitled  HERE WE GO.

In it, she talks about the concept “small is the new big. ” She goes on to describe Jay-Z  as a  person who has seen first hand  how starting small can lead to some REALLY BIG THINGS.  

This article and this concept, in particular, led me to connect  to the idea of creative blocks.  It is so common for people to find themselves daydreaming about wanting to be on the Oprah Show  to introduce their new novel, dance, song, or other creative pursuit but they usually soon remind themselves to STOP.  Their internal message might be , “why dream, this will never happen”  or ” I am being silly.”

The specific self-limiting thought is not the point.  The point is that to DREAM BIG  can be scary.  So rather than stopping,  people need a non-threatening way to begin a creative pursuit or to sustain one.

People will give many reasons why they are not working on their creative dream.   A very common one is  ” I don”t have the time.”  Other blog posts here have already mentioned messages people give for not getting started.  In my last post I suggested just starting with  One Small Step as a way of quieting an internal message of fear.  I am repeating that recommendation here, not to be redundant,  but because it is so true. It might seem so obvious as to not need to be mentioned.  Yet it needs to be repeated.  Getting started can be  as simple as spending five minutes during your morning shower thinking,  just thinking,  about some creative idea you might want to pursue. For those of you already engaged in a creative project who are having difficulty returning to it, it can be the same thing. You can just start brainstorming with yourself while doing your grocery shopping. YOU GET TO DECIDE  what the idea will be, the when and where it  will be worked on, the time spent  and the daily, weekly or monthly frequency, but the main point is:

JUST make sure that you take that first or 50th step.  It is doubtful you will regret it.


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