How Mantras Can Help with Creative Blocks

Om - make your own mantra

Om - make your own mantra

Posted by Leslie Zeigler

It is only natural for anyone, whether an experienced artist or a novice at being creative, to have moments of feeling  stuck and frustrated.  It does not feel good to be in a state of inertia.

People will often fill that void with critical comments from their inner critic.  But it is actually much betterto learn a compassionate way to talk to yourself.

Instead of  being critical, create a MANTRA that works for you.

An example might be : “I am stuck and right now that is okay.   This too shall pass and I am confident that my creative juices will flow again soon.”   It doesn’t really matter the exact details of how you frame this.  It is the tone that  matters.

When someone is struggling  with feeling stuck , it is natural to focus primarily on how to get unstuck.  While that is certainly important,  it is also helpful to find a way to allow yourself to just  accept how you feel in the moment and let it be.


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