Being Creative Requires a Quiet Mind

Posted by Leslie Zeigler

A Quiet Creative Space

A Quiet Creative Space

If your mind is too cluttered with stressful thoughts, you may have difficulty in gaining access to  that more intuitive and authentic part of yourself that allows your creativity to just flow spontaneously.  (As with all things there are exceptions and that applies here as well -so I am speaking only in a general sense.)

I want to recommend some tools to draw upon at those times when you  are   having difficulty getting started or  getting  back on track.  So much time can be wasted.  Someone recently recommended a wonderful tape to me that I have found invaluable:  a two CD audio book by Andrew Weil, M.D.  called BREATHING, The Master Key to Self Healing– available on Amazon.  The first CD explains how and why breathing helps, and the second,  in a very easy to understand manner, walks you through some breathing exercises.  He uses an unusally soothing voice, which is an additional plus.

A second tool I can recommend can be found free on the Web: STEPS TO ELICIT THE RELAXATION RESPONSE.   This is an excellent stress reduction technique detailed by Dr. Herbert Benson who specializes in mind/body medicine.  He has done research on this and it really works! 

Hopefully you can try and use either one of these tools when you hit that moment when you start to feel paralyzed and frustrated, yet also eager to return to your creative passion.


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