Being Discouraged – Should you Buy Ben and Jerry’s? !!

For discouraging days. . .

Posted by Leslie Zeigler

Have you been trying for a long time to get your novel published?   Perhaps you’ve sent out over 45 query letters and are at your wits’ end.  You feel disappointed and very discouraged and ready to quit trying.  Maybe it  is not a novel, but a screenplay, that you are shopping around to no avail.  Or perhaps you can’t find a publisher for your book of poetry. But facing a lot of rejection is often a necessary ingredient of getting closer to your creative dream.

What happens when you feel a loss of hope?  Or at least that is often how it feels in the moment, even though another part of you may believe there is some hope.  What do you do to get through this emotional  hurdle?  Some people will tell you to just create an affirmation and tell yourself that you feel sure that you are going to succeed.   If that works for you, try it. I personally believe that it is important to allow yourself to feel what you feel– even if feeling discouraged makes you feel tired, down and uncomfortable.  Your mood will pass. Until it does, let yourself  indulge in whatever works for you – maybe it is a pint of your favorite flavor of  Ben and Jerry’s or snuggling up with a mystery novel you have been wanting to read but for which you have just not had the time.  Find out what works for you to make  you able to cope with this feeling. 

But what is most important to remember is NOT TO GIVE UP.  When your energy and focus get a bit better, make sure that you send out another query letter, make a phone call, or do whatever task is required to keep trying to move your creative dream forward.


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