Keeping The Eye on The Prize

I  had  been feeling very blocked about what to blog about this week .  So   I decided to ask a friend for some help who suggested that I blog about the intrinsic  joy   the creative process can offer.  It reminds me of  Buddhists  who   talk so much about the value of  bringing   full awareness to the present moment. I am talking about the more ordinary moments related to just sitting down and spending an hour working on a poem .  ( So I am not talking about the part of creativity related to the bigger dreams of wishing to be on the New York Times Bestseller List or wanting to get your painting  in a local gallery – not that these dreams are not important , they are  but that is not what this blog is about today)  Or it could be the sense of calm and inner peace someone feels after  spending time thinking and jotting down ideas about a character  for a short story.  I know firsthand  how much I enjoy when Deborah and I get  together and brainstorm  ideas for a particular chapter we might be working on.

It reminds me of a quote I read and loved by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi , who says, “the process of discovery involved in creating something new appears to be one of the most enjoyable activities that any human can be involved in.”

So Happy Creating !!


6 Responses to Keeping The Eye on The Prize

  1. I couldn’t agree more. That process of discovery and the brainstorming that goes along with it are some of the best bits.

  2. Sheri Heller says:

    I need to absorb this message and return to the pure simplicity and beauty of the creative process, devoid of my ego’s agenda. I’ll be heading into rehearsals with some very powerful women, and keeping a clear perspective about the creative process and the intention of the theater project is critical for me, so that I don’t get caught up in self defeating urges for approval and accolades.

    • deborahatherton says:

      Now, of course, I want to know how the rehearsals went! We all get caught up in the urge for approval and accolades – when we aren’t getting caught up in the things are inner critic(s) are telling us about how bad we are. But the joy is in the doing, always – I just have to keep reminding myself!

      • lazeigler says:

        hi Deborah,

        I had written an earlier post a few weeks ago in response to sheri. It must not have gone thru – perhaps i made a technical error so it did not get posted. Thanks for writing a comment.

  3. lazeigler says:

    SHeri, I loved your post. When I wrote this I did not intend that wanting recognition and enjoying the sheer creative process were mutually exclusive. I agree with what Deborah said that we all get caught up in wanting approval and accolades – It is only human.

    Comment by Leslie Zeigler

    • Sheri Heller says:

      Thank you Leslie and Deborah. I’ve been sick from a tenacious bad cold all week, but I made it to rehearsal last night. It was amazing how physical discomfort can be transcended by being in a creative zone. The Director is wonderful…brilliant, loving and supportive. Sure- the critic is always there rearing her head, but I try to keep focused on the primary intention of this project which is to carry our message to traumatized women and girls. Staff from GEMS will be coming to a rehearsal in a few days to assess if their girls can handle the material. That intention is bigger for me than my need for accolades:-)

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