More about Maslow and Creativity

March 11, 2012

In a prior blog post I wrote about how Maslow was a humanistic psychologist and believed that in  every person  there is a strong desire to realize his or her full potential.  He believed creativity was an aspect  of personality.   Another interesting idea he had was that there are “two sets of forces–one that clings to safety and defensiveness out of fear and one that urges us towards wholeness and full expression of our true selves. . .  One part of us is afraid to take chances  …afraid to bother the status quo…  …Another part is driven by a nagging sense of feeling unfulfilled, that our lives will be incomplete unless we express ourselves in some important way.”

He adds that growth forward  takes place in little steps.  He believed that this slow process made it safer for us to change and grow.

Perhaps you may want to ask yourself:  What do you need emotionally to help you take that first small step or the next step in your current creative project?