How Creative Are You

May 23, 2010

by Leslie Zeigler

Ageless Body Timeless Mind

In thinking about what to blog about today,  I came across a book that I bought a long time ago but never really read.   It is called Ageless Body, Timeless Mind by Deepak  Chopra.   I started to look through it and came across a wonderful chapter that speaks about the  value of creativity.  He talks about how the “deepest  reality you are aware of is the one from which you draw your power.”  He goes on to say that  a more profound power than being aware of the material world is one’s creative power shaping mind and body. He adds that power expresses itself through your own personal creativity. When you are being creative, you lose track of time – “only the flow exists”

Here are seven traits shared by  people who are  highly creative  and “know they are the source of their own power.”

l.They are able to contact and enjoy  silence

2.They connect with and enjoy nature

3.They trust their feelings

4.They can remain centered and function amid chaos and confusion

5.They are childlike-they enjoy fantasy and play

6.They self-refer-they place the highest trust in their own consciousness

7.They are not rigidly attached to any one point of view -although passionately committed to their creativity, they remain open to new possibilities

I hope that this might inspire some thoughts and feelings about being creative.  And perhaps offer  something to think about as a break from  the stress most of us feel in this new culture in which we are living where technology so dominates our life.  We all need to take mini-vacations every day. even if only for a brief time (fifteen minutes is better than nothing),  to not check our cell, our blackberry, and our email and to not let the culture   determine how we spend our precious free time.

I will blog in the future about how to develop and strengthen these traits.


Why do many of us have difficulty making the time to be creative?

June 8, 2009

I know that I, too,  like the personal examples Deborah mentioned in her June 2nd Post,  sometimes put off doing something creative.   I’ll say to myself  “I just don’t have the time.”  And yet, I know that I  ALWAYS ENJOY  the creative activity   that I engage in.   For me being creative almost feels like ordering a second dessert at a fine restaurant. And I am a health nut who rarely orders even a first dessert!!  So for me it feels like I’m sneaking into my already overcrowded to do list a  very special treat.  I wonder if other people feel like I do.  I often feel like I have to first do the necessary tasks of daily living like we all do – getting the dishes done, the bills,  stuff like that – the boring stuff. And yet what I finally realized was that I’ll never really have the time to  do something creative. I have to decide to COMMIT  to myself that I deserve to be creative and therefore it makes it easier to set aside the time. It is really like  making an appointment with the doctor. We all know that we have to go to the doctor even if we don’t  want to or have very busy schedules.

In his book, Happier, Learn the Secrets Of Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment, by Tal Ben-Shahar   that Deborah and I both read , he talks about the importance of  setting up rituals.  All he means is assigning a task in your calendar to a specific day and time.  It really is an appointment with yourself.  It will probably be alot more fun that a trip to the dentist!!