Interview at Barnes & Noble

December 16, 2010

Jill Dearman, the author of Bang the Keys, an essential book for writers,   just interviewed me about my writing process on her Barnes and Noble blog.  They were very interesting questions, probably useful for us all to ask ourselves!  Here’s the link to the  interview:  Scary Monsters .


The Big Bang Approach

July 30, 2009

Our colleague, writing teacher and coach Jill Dearman, is publishing “Bang the Keys,” her book on writing, in August. Recently, she published an excellent article in Writer’s Digest, “The Big Bang,” outlining four steps to completing your writing projects. She quoted Deborah on the necessity of getting all the support you can as a writer. You might want to check the article out on Jill’s Web site – – and while you are at it, you might want to check out her book as well!

And we hope to be interviewing Jill after  her book comes up, so keep an eye here for the most up to date word on Banging the Keys!