The Creativity Prescription

June 21, 2010

by Leslie Zeigler

Creativity Prescripton

Are you ever curious about how to become more creative? All we  have to do is turn on Dr Oz’s TV show to learn  how to become more physically fit or how to eat in a more healthful manner.  We can change the station and watch Martha Stewart if  we want to become better cooks.  But to the best of my knowledge, there is not  a TV show that will tell us how to become more creative.  In Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s wonderful book entitled “Creativity”  he talks about specific recommendations people can follow to increase their creative potential.  I will share of few of  his gems today.

1. Try to be surprised by something every day

It  can be as small as eating something different for lunch,  maybe try adding mustard greens to your salad or as he suggests, paying closer attention to something you usually do. It could be as simple as listening differently to a conversation you are having with a colleague.  Ask yourself  WHAT IS   THE  ESSENCE ? Ask yourself how do you really feel about this person anyhow?  Do you see them differently depending on your own moods?

2.Try to surprise at least one person a day  He recommends saying something unexpected. Or expressing an opinion you would not ordinarily dare to reveal.  He also suggests something as simple as experimenting with your appearance. Buy a scarf or if you are a scarf person,  buy a color you would never imagine yourself wearing. Or risk shopping  in a story you usually avoid.

If you want, you can dare to log in to our blog and post a comment to share about what you have  tried that is really new and different for you. Maybe what will be new is to blog at all!